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NCEAS Virtual Lounge

Your online source for everything but coffee and snacks.

The virtual lounge aims to be your go-to place for the inside scoop on NCEAS and Santa Barbara, based on the accumulated experiences and knowledge of NCEAS residents past and present. Contributions of opinions and additional tips from NCEAS veterans are both welcomed and encouraged!
New residents should check out the advice on finding a place to live, receiving services from qualified professionals, getting around, and organizing childcare. You can also find information about accessing the many resources available on the UCSB campus. For suggestions about recreational and leisure activities in Santa Barbara, have a look at the life after work page.
Postdocs in particular may be interested in navigating peer review and getting a job. There is some extra advice for international postdocs to navigate their transition to NCEAS.
For sharing ideas and communicating our science, sometimes the real lounge just can't be beat. Here you'll find links to both schedules and planning resources for the weekly Roundtable science gatherings.

Last but not least, feel free to visit the discussion board if you have any questions or just feel like starting up a good old fashioned debate!
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