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Welcome to the NCEAS Undergraduate Invasive Plant Project

NCEAS Project SUN: Synthetic Undergraduate Networks for Analyzing Ecological Data

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Getting started


Before you do much else, please read the Project Introduction.  It explains the basics of what we're doing and how we'll do it.

Note also the tabs and folders for Research Protocols, Readings, etc. above - these contain most of the materials you'll need for the project

This site is searchable - just use the "Search Site" box at the upper right if you're having trouble finding something.

If you're a project participant, login here to access collaboration features (e.g. data uploading, discussion board)


Plant invasions can reduce or eliminate protected species within nature reserves.  Still, the extent of plant invasions and the factors that promote them in protected areas are not completely understood.  Our project will use networks of undergraduate ecology courses to update a database on invasive plants in U.S. National Wildlife Refuges, and then use this database to examine factors that promote or inhibit invasion.  Courses from each FWS region will compile refuge data for their region, including habitat richness and evenness, elevational range, native species diversity, refuge size, and the regional pool of invasives.  We will then use multivariate analyses to understand how these factors influence plant invasions within each region and across the United States.


Jacksonville University, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, Mount Holyoke College, San Francisco State University, Stanford University, University of Wisconsin-Stout, Utah State University, Western Carolina University 


Contact NCEAS (David Marsh):