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4.0 Manage Data: Overview

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This fourth step in our Salmon Monitoring Advisor system emphasizes that the value of monitoring design, data collection, and interpretation of the resulting data can only be fully realized through an effective approach to managing data.  Project results can be communicated more effectively when built upon a strong data foundation, which will enhance the ultimate application of results. This section outines key concepts and elements of an effective data management structure and plan:

  • A metadata plan and specification that defines the characteristics of the data that will be collected and managed;
  • A data map that outlines the relationships among different data sets, internal to the monitoring project as well as to other regional monitoring data projects;
  • Data entry procedures, including key QA/QC procedures, to verify and correct data; and
  • Explicit linkages and provisions that directly support data summary, interpretation, reporting and archiving tasks.
Step 4 Schematic Flow Diagram



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