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Schedule of Sessions


September 13 Introductions and organization

ASU moderator, rules of engagment; Minnesota procedure/structure; Harvard overview of content


September 20 Sustainable development and sustainability science

Bill Clark presenter; Heffernan moderator/discussant; MN students


September 27 Long-term trends and transitions in nature and society

Robert Kates presenter; Ann Kinzig moderator/discussant; Princeton students


October 4 The human-environment system: A conceptual framework

Billie Turner presenter; Elizabeth King moderator/discussant; Harvard students


October 11 The environmental services that flow from natural capital

Steve Carpenter presenter; Patty Balvanera moderator/discussant; MN students



October 18 Divergent vs. convergent development models

Ivette Perfecto presenter, Cavender-Bares moderator/discussant; CIEco students


October 25 Human well-being, natural capital and sustainable development

Partha Dasgupta presenter, Steve Polasky moderator/discussant, Princeton students


November 1 Emergent properties of coupled human-environment systems

Billie Turner presenter; Jim Heffernan moderator/discussant; Harvard students



November 8 Institutions for managing human-environment systems

Elinor Ostrom presenter; Bill Clark moderator/discussant;  ASU students



November 15  Worked examples of concepts in human-environment systems

Elizabeth King presenter; Jeannine Cavender-Bares moderator; FIU students


November 22 Managing for sustainability

Pam Matson presenter; Billie Turner moderator/discussant; FIU students


November 29 Metrics for sustainable development

Steve Polasky presenter; Luis García Barrios & Omar Masera moderator/discussant; ASU/Cornell students



December 6 Grand challenges and core questions of sustainability science

Robert Kates presenter; Bill Clark moderator; Open discussion