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Session 9 – 11.08.2010 Institutions for managing human-environment systems

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This session provides an opportunity to explore the institutions -- the rules, norms, incentive structures, expectations, etc. -- by which people seek to govern or manage human-environment systems for sustainability. The authors of the book are grappling with several tensions here, as will be apparent in the readings. One of these concerns assumptions about the goals of human actors (hedonistic, communitarian, idealistic, etc.). Another concerns the place of rationality -- however broadly defined -- in individual and social decision making. Still another concerns the role of the state and its relation to other actors in the governance of human-environment systems. Finally, we are struggling to integrate our views on management problems that arise in the context of highly asymmetric externalities (eg. I release pollutants that hurt you much more than me) and those those that arise in the context of more symmetrical resource commons (we are both grazing the same pasture). Because our guest speaker, Elinor Ostrom, has been a leader in the study of institutions for the governance of resource commons, I suggest that we focus our discussions in the seminar session itself on that dimension of institutions, and reserve our reflections on cases of asymmetric pollution mostly for the web site.
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General comments on the book chapter
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by KLundquist
November 16. 2010
General discussion
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by mtorres
November 15. 2010
Topic 3:How can the rules and norms which govern CPRs be given room to shift and change in the face of fast-moving GEC?
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by tschenk
November 11. 2010
Topic 2: To what extent can the lessons learned from studying small-scale systems be applied to larger regional and global scales?
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by hillaryr
November 10. 2010
Topic 1:Do the lessons learned from communal management of extractable natural resources apply when examining management of the atmosphere, oceans, knowledge?
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by marci
November 03. 2010
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