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You are here: Home 2010 Weekly Sessions Session 11– 11.22.2010 Linking Knowledge with Action for Sustainability (Speaker: Bill Clark) Required reading from the Sustainability Science book
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Required reading from the Sustainability Science book

The book chapter is still in the works. I have therefore posted a detailed slide presentation covering its main points, plus 4 supplementary readings that we are drawing from extensively in the chapter. For a broader treatment of this theme, see the Reader recommendation for the review paper by Lebel and van Kerkhoff. This paper was produced when the authors were engaged in a program involving Pam Matson, myself and others on the book team. Van Kerkhoff was a Sustainability Science Fellow at Harvard. (Bill Clark)

Clark et al 2010 Linking KA_DGS.pdf
[Required] Clark, W. et al. 2010. Linking knowledge with action for sustainable development. Presentation version of chapter for Dasgupta et al. Sustainability Science. (This summarizes the main points of the as yet unfinished chapter).
[Supplementary] Cash, DW, WC Clark et al. 2003. Knowledge systems for sustainable development. PNAS 100(14): 8086-8091. (This early paper sketches what has become the chapter for the Sustainability Science book. Its best for historical background, and an indication of where we see the literature foundations of our current work).
Clark and Holliday_2006_NRC.pdf
[Supplementary] Clark, WC and L. Holliday, eds. 2006. Linking knowledge with action for sustainable development: The role of research management. National Research Council, Washington, DC. (This is a report of a workshop in which the NRC brought together some of the best 'linkers' from the science agencies of US Federal Government and sought to distill the lessons they had learned on why effective linkage is hard, and what makes it work. See especially pp. 7-21.)
Clark et al 2010b Boundary work.pdf
[Supplementary] Clark, William C., Thomas P. Tomich, Meine van Noordwijk, Nancy M. Dickson, Delia Catacutan, David Guston, and Elizabeth McNie. 2010. Toward a general theory of boundary work: Insights from the CGIAR’s natural resource management programs. CID Working Paper No. 199. Center for International Development, Harvard University. Cambridge, MA. (This is our most recent work on the topic, focused on an elaboration of the theme of 'boundary work' identified in earlier papers. It will be part of a PNAS Special Feature on Knowledge systems for sustainable development that will appear in 2011.)
McCullough and Matson 2010.pdf
[Supplementary] McCullough, E. and P. Matson. 2010. Evolution of the knowledge system for agricultural development in the Yaqui Valley, Sonora, Mexico. DRAFT not for further distribution or citation. (This is a draft by Pam Matson and her colleague Ellen McCullough -- now at the Gates Foundation -- exploring the historical evolution of one particular knowledge system. It is intended to be part of the same PNAS Special Feature at the Clark and Tomich article.)