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You are here: Home 2010 Weekly Sessions Session 6 – 10.18.2010 Divergent vs. convergent development models (Speaker: Ivette Perfecto) Supplemental readings from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico students
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Supplemental readings from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico students

1- García-Barrios et al. 2009- This manuscript describes the divergent and convergent models and then analyzes the range of social and ecological drivers that underlie tropical forest conservation, management and recovery with respect to those favouring agriculture intensification. This manuscript provides then a framework of the drivers that could contribute to an agroecological matrix model (convergent) or a land sparing/agricultural intensification (divergent) one, developped by Perfecto & Vandermeer 2- Moguel and Toledo 1999- This highly cited paper describes how diverse shade coffee plantations can fit into the agroecological matrix model, by providing key agricultural products and at the same time allowing for conservation of biodiversity. 3- Grau and Aidee 2008. These manuscript presents the different ways in which demand for food and other services and biodiversity conservation can be met. It describes agricultural and forest transitions in Latin America

Moguel - Toledo 1999 Biodiversity conservation in traditional coffee systems.pdf
Garcia Barrios 2009 Neotropical forest conservation agricultural intensification and rural outmigration in mexico.pdf
Grau and Aidee 2008 Globalization and land use transtions in Latin America.pdf