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You are here: Home 2010 Weekly Sessions Session 13– 12.06.2010 Core questions of sustainability science (Speaker: Bill Clark) Required reading from the Sustainability Science book (Speaker: Bill Clark)
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Required reading from the Sustainability Science book (Speaker: Bill Clark)

Clark_2010_Core questions.pdf
[Required] This chapter outline introduces the concept of "core questions" for sustainability science, reviews the literature that has addressed the topic, and provides a framework of topics within which to locate particular candidates for "core question" status. We ask participants in the seminar to determine their own candidates, place them within the framework of this outline, and list them on the 'Discussion' page for this session.
This short paper summarizes one of the earliest international efforts to identify core research questions for sustainability science. It will give you an idea of what some people (many of whom are associated with the present book project) think a "core question" is, and a reference point against which to evaluate how things have changed over the intervening decade.
Levin_Clark_2010_Sustainability Science WS.pdf
This report summarizes a recent workshop requested by NSF to identify research priorities and core questions for sustainability science. Many participants in this seminar were present. Its all good reading, but pp. 7-9 summarize the main conclusions. Compare the results to those of the Kates et al. paper a decade earlier.