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PDFs of the Power Point presents from Bill Clark at Harvard, Jim Heffernan at FIU and the University of Minnesota Students are provided in this folder.

Clark on Book Chapter 1.1: Sustainability science and sustainable development
These are the slides used to support my presentation on the book chapter.
Comments from Jim Heffernan (FIU)
These comments on the first book chapter focus on three central issues: 1. Rationale for human well-being as the foundation of sustainability science 2. The role of practice in sustainability science and sustainable development 3. Inter-relationships among sustainability, sustainability science, and sustainable development These issues were decided upon as focal points focal points for discussion in coordination with the U Minnesota students.
U Minnesota student comments
The U Minnesota students focused on the same central issues highlighting different aspects. Students in the group included: John Sheehan, Beth Mercer-Taylor, Christine O'Connell, Nathan Mueller, Sri Ganti, John Vincent, Katie Lundquist, Baishali Bakshi and Matthew Burgess. The latter three finalized and delivered the presentation.