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You are here: Home 2010 Weekly Sessions Session 9– 11.08.2010 Institutions for managing human-environment systems (Speaker: Elinor Ostrom) Supplemental readings from Arizona State Univ students
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Supplemental readings from Arizona State Univ students

Cash et al. 2006 Scale and Cross-Scale Dynamics: Governance and Information in a Multilevel World
This paper considers how cross-scale and cross-level dynamics are a critical but under-studied feature of environmental problems. The chapter distinguishes between the concepts of scale and level, explores the many ways they can interact to create challenges for environmental management, and offers suggestions for how management could respond to these challenges. It was selected to illustrate the question of relating small scale studies to regional and global scales, as identified in question 2.
Hess and Ostrom 2003: Ideas, Artifacts, and Facilities: Information as a Common-Pool Resource
Widmer et al. 2005 Global perspectives on e-waste
This review paper provides a case study of global waste management that spans all three of the discussion questions, however we will focus on this in the third section of "emerging problems." For an overview of the concept of electronic waste (e-waste), see pages 1-11 of the article. Page 11 to the end demonstrates the challenges of governance of this system, which we would like to start the discussion from.
Ostrom's Nobel speech: Beyond Markets and States: Polycentric Governance of Complex Economic Systems