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Supplemental readings from Princeton students

** Raudsepp-Hearne et al. Untangling the Environmentalist’s Paradox: Why Is Human Well-being Increasing as Ecosystem Services Degrade?
A key article, just published in BioScience in September 2010
Towards a 'Science of Sustainability': Improving the way ecological economics understands human well-being
This article discusses the way ecological economists define individual well-being with respect to the impact individuals impact the environment in search of bettering their life situation.
Background reading: Long-Term Growth and Productivity (ch. 17, Macroeconomics, Dornbusch and Fischer)
This is a chapter from a standard macroeconomics textbook meant to provide background to the economics in this week's chapter. It outlines sources of growth (output and productivity) as well as basic growth theory. Note that this is purely meant to supplement the econ background for participants less familiar with the economics on the table and won't be a focus of the discussion. Enjoy!