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You are here: Home 2010 Weekly Sessions Session 9– 11.08.2010 Institutions for managing human-environment systems (Speaker: Elinor Ostrom) Supplemental readings from moderator/discussant William Clark, Harvard Univ
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Supplemental readings from moderator/discussant William Clark, Harvard Univ

I provide here two supplementary readings for those who wish to go deeper into some of the issues we will be discussing. The Ostrom paper is her Nobel acceptance speech, and addresses in more depth many of the issues raised in her assigned book chapter. (This paper is also recommended by the ASU student group responsible for the commentary on this session). The Young paper provides an overview of what we have learned about the efficacy of institutional arrangements for environmental governance at the global scale.

R10-15_Ostrom_AER2010 Nobel.pdf
This is Elinor Ostrom's Nobel Prize acceptance speech. It goes into more depth regarding many of the issues raised in her book chapter. (Note that this paper is also listed by the ASU students serving as discussants for this session as one of their supplementary reading suggestions.)
Young 2010 Environmental Governance.pdf
This is a draft of a paper commissioned by the Sustainability Science section of the PNAS. (So please do not cite or distrubute). It reviews in a reasonably succinct form what has been learned by scholars focusing on institutions for management of human-environment interactions at the global scale. The author, Oran Young, is one of the world's leading scholars on regional to global environmental governance. He recently brought to conclusion a major study by the International Human Dimensions Program on Global Environment Change that amassed a wealth of empirical evidence on the topic.