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You are here: Home 2010 Weekly Sessions Session 3 - 09.27.2010 Long-term trends and transitions in nature and society (Speaker: Robert Kates) Required reading from the Sustainability Science book
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Required reading from the Sustainability Science book

Chapter 1.2 Trends and Transitions --As you read the chapter and prepare for the discussion, consider the following study questions: 1. The Reading uses Deevey’s three phases of population growth over time and these are made possible by technology (stone, agriculture, industrial-scientific) expanding the capacity of the earth to support the growth. Is a fourth phase of population growth likely or possible in the future and what would its enabling technology be? 2. The Reading (Table 2.4) does not see a transition from continuing growth in consumption. Do you see a need for such a transition and how would it take place? 3. The Reading describes a set of trends and likely transition for key sectors of population, human development, consumption, and natural capital, but does not offer a sustainability transition. Do you forsee a sustainability transition, and if so, from what and to what, would constitute its changes?

Chapter 1.2 Trends and Transitions